Big Surprise

Mostly I shoot for myself and sometimes on special occasions for friends and family. As my wife calls me “The Pixel Hoarder” hence the handle @thepixelhoarder, with the same name. I tend to hold on to every pixel I create, and never delete anything.

I usually don’t show my photography work, except some stuff on-line. I am very critical of my own work. I never think it’s good enough to show. I am getting better, but I don’t like to do post processing. Post is where I go through the good, the bad and the ugly, and that is where most of the junk images get purged.

So, with all that being said, if you would like to view a piece of my work, it can be seen @humphryssc Humphry’s Sandwich Shop in San Clemente. (as shown above) I have never been in Humphry’s until a few weeks ago, and I am glad my sister suggested Humphry’s for lunch. The food is great. I highly recommend going to Humphry’s Sandwich Shop, their sandwiches are delicious.

Needless to say, I was very surprised to see one of my images hanging on their wall. Especially since I never gave anyone permission to reproduce, copy or use my images. This is a blatant disregard of intellectual property, and copyright laws, and I don’t blame Humphry’s Sandwich Shop.

After a conversation with the owner of Humphry’s. It turns out the owners had hired an interior designer to work on the customer seating area. The sandwich shop owners told the designer they wanted local photos of San Clemente to hang on the walls. The designer then hired a photographer out of “Vegas” to take photographs of San Clemente icons, landmarks and events.

The best I can figure, is that the “Photographer” lifted (stole) my image from @flickr, because that is the only place that I have posted this image. Link: and most likely came from the flicker group San Clemente – Around Town. Link: Unfortunately for Humphry’s Sandwich Shop, they paid for a lot of money for stolen images, which most likely came from other photographers that posted their images on flickr too.

Now here is the most damning evidence that whomever the photographer is lifted these images. If you look at the picture above. The small picture frame in the lower right is actually a photograph of me surfing at Linda Lane in San Clemente. The picture was taken in 2003 by my friend @apilliot75. No-one else has a copy of this image but me, and @flickr. Matter of fact, I put a digital signature on this photo, and it was cropped out by the “Las Vegas Photographer” Link:

I would like to get the name and phone number and address of the “photographer” that the designer used. I would be interested in getting paid for my work, since they got paid for my work.

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