Thanks again for coming to my site. I started taking picture when I received my first camera for my 10th birthday. I have three periods in my life that I have really considered to be important in my learning curve of photography.

First, was the experimental phase where I spent a better amount of time just fooling around with my film camera. This included work in the school photo labs where I learned the basic rules and methods of photography. I also learned how to develop film and black and white images using enlargers and chemicals.

Second, was when I was in my early twenty’s, and ventured into the world of underwater photography. Not only did I have to learn to scuba dive and function with all the gear. I had to learn how to operate my camera equipment in a unforgiving environment. Unfortunately that was short lived. I had all my gear stolen out of my truck while I was parked in a mall parking lot.

The third period is where I am now. With the purchase of my first DSLR several years ago, I have really taken a new interest in photography from all angels. As technology improves so does my appetite for experimenting and learning new aspects of photography.

I am always trying to expand my knowledge. I try new things methods, gear and software. Some are winners and others are losers. The winners get post and the losers get put in the trash. This site has a very small percentage of what I think are my winners. Over time I will add more.

SUBSCRIBE… I am always updating my images. It can be a slow process, but little by little the inventory of images increases. Come back often, to see what has changed., or you can subscribe to my site with either Google Reader (my favorite), NetNewsReader, SharpReader, etc. In addition, many mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail allow you to add and manage RSS or Atom feeds. Grab this link for RSS, and this link for Atom, and put it in you preferred reader.

Thank you again for stopping.


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