Check your fuel status…


Check your fuel status. In 1946 this F4U Corsair ran out of fuel and ditched just yards from shore by Koko Head point. The Navy dragged the wreckage into deeper water 107’ at Maunalua bay and this is where she remains until this day.

Second Leg Completed

Find destination achieved. After a two and a half hour layover in Nadi Fiji and one fire drill later I have made it to Vava’u, Tonga. Welcome to Vava’u from the Kingdom of Tonga.

No swimming today. Just lunch and getting our bearings to the new surroundings. Tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday is a day off for most everyone in Tonga. This will be another will be another rest day.

Good Night from Tonga.

Biz Class

Headed to the South Pacific once again. Last years trip was so amazing that I could let it be ” a once in a lifetime trip” turns out it’s a twice in a life time trip.

However this years trip has started in the Quantas One World Lounge. Full of mid-century furniture designed my Ray and Charles Eames. Followed by free food and beverages.

Next up is Business Class to Nadi Fiji. Not a bad way to spend eleven and a half hours in the air at night.

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