Shrimp Alive

If you feel the need to eat the delectable little crustaceans go to Belize any time of year. Belize started farm raising whiteleg shrimp back in 1982. Since then, farm raised shrimp has out paced natural fishing by 160% as of a 2004 report. According to the graph that was released in 2010, shrimp farming production was at its peak in 2004. 

I am not sure if the hurricanes that devastated Belize twice, around the same time has had anything to do with the decline in the past 10 years. 

In 2014 eight shrimp farms have been certified by ASC are doing 90% of the country’s shrimp production at 16.1 million pounds of shrimp. 

All I know as a vacationer, traveler and consumer, there is no shortage of shrimp to eat anywhere in Belize. It’s what I would consider a staple, like rice or stewed chicken. I had some much shrimp, that I would be happy if I didn’t have another shrimp for the rest of the year. 

Here is a image of one of the many shrimp farms in the Stann Creek District, Belize. 


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