Georgia Aqurarium

A few months back, I spent the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia for my Uncles memorial service. I took a few extra days to enjoy a city I had never visited before.

I had a few hours to kill on Sunday before my flight, so I decided to go to the only place in North America that has Whale Sharks in a fish bowl. They don’t just have one whale shark, they have four whale sharks.


These sharks range from 15 feet long to Alice who is a mere 25 feet in length. The Georgia Aquarium expect Alice to reach 35 feet at maturity in the tank. In the wild whale sharks have been recorded to grow as large as 65 feet in length.

I know people have mixed feelings about having these amazing creatures in a fish bowl. The Georgia Aquarium main tank that is home to four whale sharks, four manta rays, other assorted sharks rays and really large Australian groupers. Also there are thousands other types of fish. The main tank it think was 300′ feet x 50′ feet at its deepest. The 2 foot thick glass, holds back 6.3 million gallons of sea water.



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