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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

I rarely do this, and actually this would be a first for me. However, my wife and I support our armed forces any way we can.

We are aware that the ladies and men live on very low wages, and defend our freedoms from those who would like to take them away from us.

This family lives locally in our town, and we know them personally. They are a young Marine Corps. family and the mother needs a medical procedure done, that is not fully covered by what the government will provide. To be honest I don’t really know how it works, but if it’s anything like everyone else’s health coverage, it will only cover so much and the balance falls on the individual/family shoulders.

If you know what it’s like to be short the money, for a medical procedure that need to have… Please consider donation to this Family.

They have raised $4,754.00 of the $13,000 needed. Every little bit would help. Below is the link to the website to donate.


Semper Fi


Thank you,



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