Monarch the Royalty of Butterflies

The Monarch is the Royalty in the butterfly kingdom.

A few weeks ago I went to the local Lowes hardware mega store. In the garden section I found a few “Silk milkweed” plants. I purchased them at $17.00 each, wow that is expensive for a weed.

I knew these plants are magnets for female Monarch butterflies. The females will seek out milkweed to lay their eggs. Once the eggs are laid, and the caterpillar emerges the caterpillar I medically starts to consume the milk weed plant. They literally eat themselves out of house and home.

Last week we noticed that one of the milkweeds had between 15-20 caterpillars on it. After noticing them, within days they had munched this milkweed plant down to nothing but sticks.

Two days ago, we had noticed that some of the caterpillars had gone through the metamorphosis into the chrysalis or cocoon stage. The next stage after two weeks will be the final metamorphosis into a Monarch Butterfly, but I will miss that stage I will be on vacation.

Monarch the Royalty of Butterflies

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