Whale Shark Rescue

Recently I have this fascination with Whale Sharks. I am a member with ScubaBoard.com and follow certain posts. I use the new key word search feature, that allows posts using a key word or combination of key words to be sent to my inbox. I receive email with posts on the forum whenever a user writes a post with those words. One of those key word searches is “Whale Shark”.

This brings us to today’s email. I was a post describing a certain set of dives in a spot that was know for whale shark encounters. As the user puts a very large Whale Shark had loitered in the dive area for all four of the dives. The divers noticed that this whale shark have something attached to the lower part of the tail fin, and apparently this entanglement had been there for a long time.

Several attempts from different divemasters/crew from the boat had attempted to free the shark for the entanglement. On the fourth dive a different divemaster/crew was successful in cutting the entanglement free for the Whale Shark.

The following video shows the final rescue attempt in action.


Ref: http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/liveaboards-charter-boats/484829-atlantis-azores-captain%92s-log-may-17-%96-24-2014-watch-amazing-whale-shark-video.html

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