Underwater Exposure

Name: Michael Aw

Biography: Michael Aw is an internationally recognized wildlife photographer and conservationist,
named by Outdoor Photography as one of the world’s most influential nature photographers.

Michael is an active member of the Fellow of the International League of Conservation
Photographers and a fellow international of the Explorers Club. Other members have included Sir
Edmund Hillary, Roald Amundsen, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, David Doubilet and Emory Kristof.

He is also the project director of the Elysium Epic imagery expedition to document the flora and
fauna of the Antarctic Peninsula to South Georgia, following in the footsteps of Sir Ernest
Shackleton’s 1914-17 Trans Antarctic Expedition.

With over 30 underwater photography books to his name, Michael is also the founder of Asian
Geographic magazine and the Ocean N Environment charity.

Artistic statement: Don’t just take a photograph, compose a picture instead.
Shoot from the heart.

Selected awards list: 2012 International Book of the Year Palme D’or 39th World Underwater Pictures Festival for
Global Treasures, 2010 Gold Diver: Portfolio award at 37th World Underwater Pictures Festival,
2010 recipient of the Wyland ICON award for Conservation, 2005 Shell Wildlife Photographer of
the Year

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