The New SmugMug

New SmugMug Design Options

New SmugMug Design Options

Today @ 10:30 AM PDT SmugMug demoed their new revision for the SmugMug architecture.  I say they demoed, because instead of an unveiling, the NY Times published the unveiling before the live broadcast and spoiled all the fun for everyone.

I watch the entire live broadcast, and was very excited about the new design, architecture and features. I have already set in motion my process of migrating to the new site. Now I am not the sharpest when it come to designing my site. I took me a while to get my old site to look the way it was. Lucky for me they have implemented a “Sand Box” provision just for nincompoops like myself.

I will get to fool around with my site for hours, days weeks and even months before I decide to publish it for everyone to see. I have alot of new tools to learn and play with. I really excited about the new drag-n-drop feature. This will make my life so much easier. The organization is so much better now I won’t have to re-invent the wheel trying to organize my folders (Galleries) and images.

I will post more when I have a better feel of the new architecture. Here is the link to my site it looks like the old site because it is until I get my butt in gear and dive into the shallow end of my creative mind. Yeah, it’s the kiddy pool with no deep end!

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