Google Reader to Feedly


As of last night or this morning it doesn’t really matter at this point, but Feedly has updated their Apple IOS App. The Feedly App now works on my iPad and iPhone. According tho the update on the App they fixed an issue with the Google Reader update.

This is good news, because I was about to scrap the Feedly App and go with another Reader App.


So as everyone knows on July 1, 2013 Google shut down Google Reader for good. I am sure Google got tired of servicing one of their better and most popular products.

I was very disappointed when Google announced the demise of Google Reader. It wasn’t the most glamorous or best looking of all the feed or RSS readers on on the market, but it was free and it work amazingly well.

Really! As a user of google products, I loved the fact that you have everything in one place. I could roll from my Gmail, Google+ and Google Reader in a very short click of the mouse. Now that Google Reader is no longer, I have been forced to locate a new service to get my RSS feeds and aggregate my news, blogs and other reads into one space.

After doing some analysis of different reader products for all my platforms, I chose to go with Feedly. Unfortunately I have been cruising in Alaska, and missed the deadline to get my feeds automatically migrated into Feedly.

Monday I spent a good amount of time moving my feeds over. I have now downloaded the App for iPhone and iPad. I have been using the web based cloud reader too.

Last night after downloading the Apps, I tried to sign in. When I try to sign I. It says “Feedly is over capacity” try again later. What is that! I have tried to sign in for two days now. Didn’t they anticipate that their would be a run on their service! I might have to look for another reader service, if Feedly can get this figured out soon.

As Charlie Brown would say “Good Grief”.


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