Wow where have I been? Well in my defense, I think I never got the notification that was closing their doors.

I have been for the last few weeks updating my links and older post in my blog. Why?, well that is for another blog post that will be coming soon.

As I was updating an older post, called Mavericks Christmas. I had a bunch of shots that I put into a slide show. I wanted to take a peek at the old slide show and see the photos I took that day from the Cliffs at Pillar Point (Half Moon Bay). When i clicked on the link, I expected it to go to the slide show. Instead it went nowhere. I next typed in into my URL search and got this message.
There is a link on the message above that says “click here”, so I did. This was the next message. Message

Wow, if they sent out that message back in August 2011, then where was I. I didn’t get an email saying that they were closing their doors. I know I had an account, because you had to have an account to create a slide show.

I wish I would have known all of this, because I created some really cool slide shows and now they are all gone. I wonder what else I have used and they have gone to the waste side?

I know I have the images stored, so the loss is minimal. If anyone has an idea on how I can recover these slide show or images drop me a comment.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me. i have had the same email for over ten years, i never got this notice and all my pics are gone. its a really big bummer. There were some that i dont have copies of either.

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