Get out of that rut

A few years back, I took a job in San Francisco, so that moved me from the comfort of my hometown to a new era of my life. I settled into the East Bay close to Oakland. At this point in time in my life I just took everything I have always known and turned it upside down on itself.

On of the pluses of moving to the Bay Area, is the many things to do, either with minimal cost or even free. One of our favorite free activities was to drive to the top the Oakland hills and visit the Chabot Space Center and observatory. Every clear Friday or Saturday night Chabot Space Center & observatory would open up the domes for visitors to come and observe celestial bodies or peer into the deep sky and look at nebula or star cluster that can’t be seen with the unaided eye.

One night we got to look through the new 36″ Reflector Telescope, They had it pointed at Orion’s Belt, centered on Orion’s Nebula. When I went up to the eye piece and peered into it, I was amazed what I could see. The star nursery, the dust clouds and most of the colors of the nebula. It was amazing. From that moment I was hooked.

Chabot's 36-inch reflecting telescope, Nellie

I have been a surfer most of my life. I am an action photographer at heart, I love to shoot surf photography either from the water or shore. However, I like to get out of my comfort zone and try new areas of Photography. From what I saw in that telescope a few years ago at Chabot, I have always wanted to get into Astrophotography.

The issue with Astrophotography is that it’s very expensive and requires a whole new skill set. I have been researching more seriously for the past month. Just to get started it would cost in the ballpark of $4,600.00. More to come I am sure…

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