Face Mount Proofs

West Coast Imaging Face Mount

I have been looking for a long time to find a low-cost print labs to do Diasec or Acrylic/Plexi Face Mounting of Images.

When I started for a place to do this there where very few print houses or facilities that actually did this face mounting process. Then I found out after making a few phone calls it turns out that some of the places that claimed they could print and mount on acrylic, actually used someone else that was on the list.

Today when I did a Google search of “Acrylic Face Mount” there seems to be a plethora of labs they will actually do the printing and face mounting on site.

In the beginning this was very expensive. Now the prices  have come down a lot.  However, I am sure like everything else, you get what you pay for. I have a hard time shelling out hard-earned money on crappy work, products or craftmanship. Therefore, I have yet to buy one of these prints for myself.

Today I received an email from West Coast Imaging, with a special deal on Face Mount Proofs. The proofs are 8×10 and are priced 33% off. They normally charge $30.00 for their acrylic face mount proofs. I figure I can afford a few proofs to find out if I like their work. It’s a cheap investment before I plunk down a wad of cash to get something larger done.

The sale ends on Janurary 27th, 2012 for this proof discount. Oh yeah, they aren’t finished or have backing. This is what it says on their website:

Face Mounted Proofs
Face mounted with no backing to show the final look. Face mounted proofs have rough edges and are not dusted to exhibition standards. They are for proofing only. 8×10- $30, 11×14 – $40

Acrylic Face Mounts

Face mounted photographs have a vibrance and depth without equal. The face of your prints is mounted to a crystal clear acrylic sheet and backed with a white dibond* backer. We use an aluminium subframe to float it from the wall, and include security hangers and cleats to hang it.

Our face mounts are exhibition quality, for the galleries of New York, or the gallery of your home.

*dibond or other comparable aluminum composite material

If you have had a few of your prints “Face Mounted” please leave a comment on who you used and how you like your images. Also, if you have used a particular lab and really like them, please leave a comment with the Labs name and web address.

Diasec is a patented process used for facemounting prints like photographs on acrylic glass. The process was invented by Heinz Sovilla-Brulhart in 1969.
Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic glass compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper than compared to standard glass in a picture frame. A Diasec mount is usually of a high gloss finish. Because the print is glued to the acrylic glass, the result is a completely flat mount of the image.
The print is also resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light because of the properties of acrylic glass. There are other processes to achieve similar results, these are in the photographic or art world sometimes also called Diasec prints. Diasec is however a registered trademark.

One thought on “Face Mount Proofs

  1. Hi Kirk, that’s great they offer proofs! I have used http://www.bumblejax.com on a few occasions and have been extremely pleased with the result. I was a bit nervous about taking the plunge because it’s a significant investment since they don’t yet offer the acrylic face mount proofs, but glad I did! It is a stunning look and the quality is outstanding! I’m going to try their bamboo product next.

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