Think Tank: In A Bag

Think Tank PhotoI just recently become a fan of Think Tank Photo camera products. Back in October I was in need of a new way to carry my camera gear while I was at the M.C.A.S. Miramar Airshow. I was tired of lugging around a heavy backpack with all my gear. Having to put the backpack down every time I need to change lenses or get other supplies that i needed. I really only needed access to a few items i.e. Lenes, Lens Cleaning Supplies and Memory Cards. So I went to Samy’s Camera and looked at my options. I spent several hours going between the Tamrac, Lowepro and Think Tank Photo display trying to come up with the best solution for my needs.I ended up choosing a belt system. I am glad i did, because it really worked out well. I had easy access to everything I needed, without having to gear or my camera down on the ground. Here is a tip for you if you get a belt system. Purchase an “extra” inexpensive lens holder. One with an open top with or without a draw string. This will come in very handy to carry a bottle of water

I decided to go with the Think Tank option. I had read about them from other photography blogs, and how all those photographers had raved about how good they were. The Think Tank Photo option was the most expensive, however I felt they would fit my needs the best. I have used Lowepro and Tamrac equipment before and was very tempted to go back to them. I currently have three, yes three Tamrac backpacks, but I have been using the Tamrac Adventure 9 as my go to bag, but that is about to change. Here is a list of the gear

I decided to go with: Steroid Speed Belt, Digital Holster 20 V 2.0, Lens Drop-in,Lens Changer 25, Belt Pack and a Pixel PocketRocket. It may seem like a lot, but when you carry two camera bodies, three lenses and one lens is a Nikon 200-400 zoom, this system really worked great.

Why am I telling you this… I am now looking to purchase a rolling camera bag for traveling and have decided on one of Think Tank Photo’s airport series. One that is big enough to carry most of my gear that i need on the road, but small enough to go in the overhead compartment.

I noticed today that Think Tank Photo is having a give-away. I don’t usually enter give-away promotions, but I made an exception for this one. Think Tank Photo’s “In A Bag Promotion” is currently running until December 20th. Below are the rules.

Enter to win an Airport Security V2.0 loaded with cool gear for the holidays. A new item or two from our partner companies will be placed IN THE BAG every day till December 20 and then one lucky person will be randomly chosen to win the bag and all of its contents. What better way to ring in the New Year!

And don’t forget! The more you share, the better your chances of winning our daily prize of one of our Retrospective camera bags! We’ll be searching the web daily for a winner! 

Remember that you can only enter “In A Bag” once a day every day that the In a Bag Promotion runs, but you’re welcome to share the “In A Bag” competition as often as you like for more chances to win!

ENTER HERE  TO WIN THE  “In A Bag Promotion”.

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