iOS5 Wired Remote Trigger

As photographers around the world all know that the best way to take a photograph without any jitters is to use a tripod and a wired or wireless remote trigger to take a picture. Most of the time we use remote triggers for low light photography, HDR photography or Macro Photography. I am sure there are many more applications for the use on remote triggers for your camera, but I really don’t have time to cover all of them.

With the release of the new iOS5 for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad, you can now use the + volume button on the device to take a picture. No more having to use that clunky graphic button to capture an image. However, I have discovered a wired remote trigger on the iOS5 operating system.

While I was on a flight back from the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend, I was fooling around with my camera on the plane and listening to music at the same time. I was trying to capture and image of SFO as we flew over at night. At the same time a good song came on, and I turned the volume up from my headphones. Or at least I thought I was turning up the music with my headphone. Instead, as I pushed the + volume button on my headphone, to my surprise the camera took a picture.

It would make sense that this would happen and be a function for the camera since the volume buttons are related. It was a pleasant surprise and a good tip to pass along. So, if you would like to take a low light image using your iPortable device, and don’t want the image to be blurred, take out your headphones that have a volume control installed and stabilize the camera and use the + volume button on the headphones to take the image. This will work just like a wired remote trigger. It’s brilliant!

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