Digital Image Recovery

Memory CardsEver been in a situation where you spent hours day or even weeks photography everything from Z to A and haven’t downloaded your memory cards, then when you do you find that your memory card says that you need to “reformat” the card or it may say that the data on the card is not “useable”.

Fortunately, I personally have not been in that situation. However, I have known many photographers that have had this issue. A few years ago flash memory companies like SanDisk recognized this to be a major problem with all types of flash memory cards on the market. The real problem came from improper use or maintenance of the flash memory cards themself.

What one the biggest culprits was not formating the memory card properly. If the user spent a little time to either read the manufactures instructions on “proper use” they would discover the best way to erase the data from the memory cards is to re/format the card in the device that you intend to use the memory in i.e. camera.

If you just simply erase the disk in you card reader you will find that the card reader or computer can’t erase the entire card. Little bits of bytes are left behind. This will cause the camera or device not to read those little bites of bytes and won’t lay digital information down properly, causing a malfunction on the card as not readable. So it is always best to re/format (erase) your cards in the device you intend to use them with. The will clean the memory card properly and lay down this important information used by your device or camera.

Now if you do happen to have an unreadable memory card there are a few things you can do to recover you information.

  1. If your memory card becomes corrupted, stop using it immediately. Do not format or attempt to delete any images from it.
  2. If the card is still readable, try retrieving the files using an image recovery program. If the card is unreadable in the camera, try retrieving images by using a memory card reader.
  3. For Windows users try Data Doctor Recovery.
  4. For MAC users try Card Rescue.

Card Rescue

Data Doctor Recovery

Data Doctor Recovery

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