Fine Art

The other night I was on a date with my wife at the Pageant of the masters in Laguna Beach, CA. The show started at 8:30 PM. After dinner we had a little time to kill, so we walked around the Art Festival that they had in the facility. You have to pay to enter the Art Festival, but if you have a paid ticket to the Pageant of the Masters, the Art Festival is included with the price of admission.

One of our favorite artist is always displayed at the Festival, so we seek out his booth to see what he has done for this years Art Festival. If you would like to see some of his stuff go to This years big winner and newest piece is titled “Little Italy”. I say BIG WINNER, because Scott sold his original oil of “Little Italy” for $30,000 USD.

At Christmas time when I went to his studio to pick up one of his prints my wife bought for me a Christmas gift, I saw him working on a few different paintings. Actually of the paints is displayed at the Art Festival and sold for $9,500.00 this year.

While we walked and looked at some of the other art, glass work, sculptors and photography I noticed some really unique work by really skilled artist. Now don’t get me wrong there was a lot of expensive crap at the Art Festival too. Keep in mind that the Artist have to pay to be at the Art Festival. I don’t know how much it cost, but being Laguna Beach, CA and this is one, or supposed to be one of the largest art venues in Laguna Beach, I am sure it isn’t cheap.

One particular photographers photography I thought was just… (how do I put this mildly), well it was just crap! I could have shot the same shots with my point -n- shoot camera. The photographer just shot images of beach sand, wet beach sand with some water. They blew the up to larger than 30″x20″ posters and framed them. Here is the best part, some of the images the photographer was asking over $6,000.00 USD. Come on Really! Six G’s for sand… It was no surprise that I didn’t see any red dot stickers on any of the work. Red Dot stickers indicate that the art work has been sold, and that you will pick up the work when the Art Festival comes to a close in at the end of August. Six G’s… what a waste of money. OK, look out, I will get off my soap box now, six g’s…

However, one of the artist that did catch my eye was a photographer named Breck Rothage. He had taken photos of vintage automobiles at some big name auto shows. Yea, I know anyone can take high quality images of cars, but it’s the post processing that makes his work unique. According to Breck, he has only been shooting cars for five years. He has taken real advantage of some of the new and popular styles of Face Mounting on to Acrylic to make his images really stand out. Check out the examples below from his website

1953 Buick in Red

Copyright Breck Rothage

365a Prosche

Copyright Breck Rothage

When you look through Brecks web site look at all his images that has set up. It’s like looking at a time line of artist progression. To me it was a clear line of image development of the course of his career until he got to this particular style of images.

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