National Photography Month

For National Photography Month, NIK Software is offering 20% off on upgrades on their products. First, I didn’t even know there was a “National Photography Month”, and that the month of May was it? Is this a Hallmark trick and inventing holidays to sell greeting cards? So now the photography industry is inventing an entire month to sell photography equipment and photo related software. What’s next?

Ad Image

Now if you are a new to NIK Software, and you want a discount on the products, do what I did. Before I purchased I went to the website and signed up for one of the “Webinars”. They are free and very informative. This also gives you the ability to see what product would be best for you. After attending several webinars, I choose the complete collection and have never regretted the choice one bit. The reason I choose to go with the complete collection, not only does it offer all the products, but it works with Adobes Lightroom, PhotoShop, and Apples Aperture. I don’t use Aperture, but I do have Lightroom and Photoshop, and I can use all the products with both.

Depending on the “Webinar” you attend you will get between a 10% – 20% discount code that you can use on the NIK Software website. If you attend a general “Getting Started” webinar they will give out a coupon code for the “Complete Collection”. Link HERE to go to the NIK Software learn more page to sign up for their “Webinars”.

For existing users here is your coupon code for the current upgrade promotion. Use discount code MAYUP11 to save 20% on any upgrade. Offer expires May 31, 2011. Click HERE to get to the product page.

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