2010 Alameda County Fair Opens

Big Wheel
Today is the June 23, 2010 the first day of the Alameda County Fair at the Alameda County Fair grounds in Pleasanton, CA. I love the County Fair. My first time to the Alameda County Fair was back in 1984. My parents had moved to the area after my dad took a job in nearby San Francisco. I had gone to the Orange County Fair many times as a kids and teenager. This was the first time I got to experience a real county fair, something like you would see in an old Hollywood movie.

The Alameda County Fair has Horse Racing on the oldest one mile horse race track in the United States. I also love to check out the livestock from the 4H clubs throughout the county. The kids in the 4H clean, feed, primp and prepare their charges for auction.

Wilbur "Porky" Pig

Whether you like the livestock, carnival rides, exhibits, horse racing or the fried fair food whatever the reason go to the County Fair. While you are there, take a few images. If you do take a few pictures upload them to my California’s County Fairs flickr group. It’s free and fun. Here is the link to the the flickr group California County Fairs. The group has a total of 105 members, you could be 106. Hopefully I will see you at the fair, if not there, then hopefully in the flickr group.

Alameda County Swing

2010 Alameda County Fair Calendar

2010 Alameda County Fair Calendar

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