Street Photography Tips

Lazy Beach Days

1.Use a telephoto lens to distance yourself from your subject so you’re less likely to be noticed.

2 To increase your chances of capturing a subject, spot a bench where people are more likely to stay for a while. Watch for an activity such as feeding birds or squirrels, reading or knitting.

3. Keep your ears open. Sometimes you may hear something happening before it comes into view.

4. If you see a congregation of people, chances are you can mingle for a closer view of what is holding their attention.

5. Street photography isn’t confined to the street. Go where the people are such as parks, beaches, public buildings and so on.

6. Find a spot you like providing an attractive background and wait for somebody to walk into the scene.

7. Sometimes you will be observed taking a picture and you need to be prepared to deal with the subject’s reaction.

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