My Shutter Count

I was reading today on DPS (Digital Photography School) a post that was titled Finding Your Camera’s Current Shutter Actuations. I have always want to know exactly how many clicks had actually committed my camera to doing.

I Can't Believe it (55247)

I Can't Believe it (55247)

In order to find out how many actuations you camera has taken you need to look in the EXIF data. Now I currently am shooting with a Nikon D70s and I have been shooting with this camera since June, 2006. Last night I had my camera with me while my wife and I were baby sitting her brothers kids. We took them to the park and had a good time chasing them around. The last image I shot last night was shutter click #55247. I figure that when my 4 year anniversary with this camera come this June, I will be up to at least 60,000 camera actuations. That is an average of 15,000 clicks a year.

Here is the link to the web site MyShutterCount that allowed my to grab this information for my Nikon camera. If you have a Canon or another brand go to the article on DPS to find your Shutter Actuations.

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