The Wrong WB

The Wrong WB, originally uploaded by Kirk Howard.

As you can imagine from the title I was using the wrong White Balance (WB). I kinda liked the look of the extreme blue in the sky and in the ocean. I was distracted with talking to a photographer and his wife that were shooting with a Fuji 617 or a 6×17 film camera.

At one point during the day I remember saying to myself that my images looked really blue and washed out? Duh! One of the big rules of thumb, before you take your ist shot, check your camera settings and reset your settings in the camera.

I shoot RAW so it’s that that big of a deal to correct my Oh $#!t moments, and I have alot of those… Shooting RAW is so forgiving that it helps when making a mistake like this. Plus you should always shot it right in the camera first so you don’t have to spend a ton of time in post processing.

I think they should have that warning message in your camera that says “You sure you want to take this image with these setting Dummy?” Ahhhh no, but I’m just a dork fish…

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