My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

  • Basic DSLR camera operations, and basic photography class – Bay Area Photography Group (Sunnyvale, CA) – #
  • FREE Virtual online meeting – Q/A session with me + Critique of photos! The Bay Area Photography Group #
  • Learning Workflow + Editing (Lightroom + Photoshop) – Bay Area Photography Group (Sunnyvale, CA) – #
  • The San Francisco Photography March Meetup – The San Francisco Photography Meetup Group (San Francisco, CA) #
  • Read this if you plan to hike Half Dome this summer. | Are you ready for Half Dome? #
  • Watch The White Mountain on Vimeo! #timelapse #hawaii #
  • Temp outside is 38.5ºF right now… Burrrr #
  • Californians Helping to Save Sea Otters #
  • How to Sex an Abalone: A Sea Snail's Story – Food – The Atlantic #
  • 31 Stunning Black and White Subject Study Photos on Imagekind (via @backtype) #
  • Toyota, Inc. = Plausible deniability, OK Toyota it's time to realize you have a major problem with your cars especially the Prius. #
  • is heading to the Chicken Farm today, anyone need Fresh Free Range Chicken Eggs, they are yummy. #
  • Plausible deniability #
  • Pictures by homeless people rub frames with photography greats | Society | The Guardian #
  • Annie, call these guys Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. AFP: Leibovitz gets new creditor to manage debts #
  • Keeble & Shuchat Photography in Palo Alto is having "They Pay the Sales Tax Sale" on Canon eqpt. March 10-14th. #
  • Shop and Compare at Panasonic vs. Leica #
  • I am looking for recommendations for a headhunter and/or recruiter in the San Francisco Bay Area or Orange County. #
  • Anyone doing the WPPI to SXSW? #
  • The light (beacon) was on tonight at the top of the Transamerica bld. in SF. It's not Thanksgiving or July 4th, so why was it on tonight. #
  • brand? #
  • My wife is pricing units to finish her masters @ USC $1300.0 a unit. Do you really get a better education, or are you just paying for a name #
  • is trying a new Time-lapse with my Canon G10. Yes the G10 doesn't have time-lapse, I will explain later. Test In Progress… #
  • my first attempt at time-lapse photography didn't go as planned. My battery went dead before it finished. I will try again tomorrow. #

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