What’s happening?

Is the tag on the top of my twitter page. I am doing some home matiance on my blog and web site, while watching the Olympic Men’s Bronez Metal match between Finland and Slovakia. Slovakia has just scored and the score is now FIN 1 – SVK 1, half way through the second period.

Anyways, one of the thing that I have been working on is my tweets for twitter. I installed two WordPress plug-ins the past few days. The first is Tweetmeme. Tweetmeme is the little twitter retweet button you see at the bottom of each post. After reading a few blogs and articles that I found on Social Networking, I figured that I would get a little more active on Twitter. this is a good way for other blog readers, fans or whatever to tweet my blog post.

I also added another Twitter plug-in for WordPress that will tweet my post to my Twitter account with a Bit.ly URL. This is for those that aren’t reders of FishEye Studio blog, but are my Twitter Followers they too can enjoy what I have to say… right!

Next was Facebook. I found a Facebook plug-in that works similar to the Tweetmeme plug-in. This will also give readers the ability to a post for the FishEye Studio Blog on their Facebook page.

Next I am still working on trying to incorporate my blog into my web site. I would really like it to be seamless. I have been researching and researching for the past few weeks, I am making headway but it is slow going. I have tried to find a way to take my existing web site template that I made in Deamweaver CS4 and make that a WordPress theme. I also found a way to Integrating WordPress with Your Website this requires for me to move my WP-files to my blog folder on web site. I am a little nervous about moving these files, but I think this may be the easiest way to integrate.

If anyone has an easier way to make this happen I would love to hear it. you can leave your suggestions, comments, or ideas in the comments section below.

Thanks for stopping by…

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