Work In Progress

Kirk Howard Photography - Mock Up PageI am still working on my photo web site. It’s still a work in progress, however my free trail of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ends today. I have learned alot in the last 30 days.

I still have a ton of reading to do, but I need to order a copy of Dreamweaver to continue my construction.

Learning a new Language

I have been working on a new website. When I got my MacBook Pro, I also bout a year subscription to Apples Mobile Me. I built a small website in iWeb ’08. I know that iWeb ’09 has many more features then iWeb ’08, but I didn’t feel it was going to produce what I needed. The UI or user interface is great. Drag and Drop, easy setup and easy to post, as long as you had an active Mobile Me account. Like I said, iWeb is a great little program, but it was limited to what I thought I needed. Stuff I wanted to do to on my site was beyond the capabilities of iWeb.

So I am working on a new design for my website. I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. I downloaded it free from Adobes website. They offer a 30-day free trial. I have used Dreamweaver before.

A few years ago, a friend and I would drive to Kearney Mesa (San Diego) twice a week to attend this free Dreamweaver class. The version we used was the Dreamweaver MX that was Macromedia product. The new version of Dreamweaver is easier to use and not as clunky, even though I thought that Dreamweaver MX was the bomb back in the day.

So if you look at my site you would say I haven’t gotten very far. Well you would be correct. This is why I have left the old website under my current domain name

I have not done much to the new site because; I spend a tremendous amount of time reading. Dreamweaver isn’t like iWeb, you have to know a little html to get going, plus you need to have a little understanding of how the w3c works. Here are a few books that I am reading Dreamweaver CS4 The Missing Manual, and Creating a Web Site The Missing Manual. The Dreamweaver CS4 book has almost 1100 pages. So you can imagine its not light reading.

I have been going through the web looking at different photography web sites to see what I like and what I don’t like. I have been keeping notes so I can keep track of what I like and don’t like about different site.

I found out that almost every one of the ways you write a web site has it’s own language. Language known as code. All these different codes are unique to themselves.

Most sites are built with HTML, DHTML, XML and CSS. I have found some that are built using Flash or have flash components in them. Other sites use Java Script for fancy and smooth looking features. And then you have some sites that have a pseudo Java Script function JQuery. JQuery is a simple way of writing Java Script. Also, you have website that use MySQL and or Php. Then I have found some sites that use a little of everything.

A few days ago I was trying to add a slide show to my banner. The banner is held in my #header. One of my biggest resources I use to learn about building a web page is YouTube. I watch YouTube videos and the try to duplicate what I have learned. You know when someone says if you can’t figure out how something works on your computer ask you young son or daughter? Well I found out how true that is. Some of the videos that I have watched have been done by someone that is 12 years old or younger.

I found what I was looking for after I emailed one of the authors of a Dreamweaver tutorial. Her looked a the examples that I sent him and suggested that I do a google search on a JQuery Gallery. I knew JQuery was a form of Java Script. What I didn’t know is how it worked.

I tried to do some research on it and man did it look really confusing. So I found a place I could download the HTML, CSS, JQuery and JS (Java Script) and appropriate images. Trough trial and error, lots of errors, I was able to figure the jQuery out. I choose the Simple JQuery Image Slide Show with Semi-Transparent Caption. This seemed to be the simplest to start with and it proved to be easy enough to figure out. However it did take about three hours just to get to this point, with three images Mock Up Page 2. I was so spent mentally when I was done I needed to take a break and go for a walk. I really had a feeling of accomplishment.

I moved those files over to my Test bench. My test bench is under the domain name of This is where I post all test pages. Before I move them to their permanent home.

I was so confused yesterday with all the new languages that I was learning. I thought to myself “I might as well learn how to read and speak Chinese or Japanese it would be easier”.

Now I need to figure out how to take my Mock Up Page 3 and convert it to a WordPress Template for my blog. Does anyone know how to do this or where I watch a good video on this task. I have been to YouTube and they didn’t have any good video. If anyone has a thoughts on converting a HTML/CSS web page into a WordPress Template leave a comment in the comment section below.

Here are some of my test pages:

Mock Up Page

Mock Up Page 02

Mock Up Page 03

These pages are still a work in progress, but you get the idea.


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