Learning with Joe – part 1

Joe McNally - Control of Color Part 1

Joe McNally - Control of Color Part 1

As I cruise through my daily blog reading I ran across an old post from a Photo Blogger I follow Scott from Weekly Photography Tips. He posted a series of three videos from on of my favorite photographers Joe McNally. For those of you who may not know of Joe McNally he has a few very popular books out there that really have put a turn in my photography, especially portrait photography using small strobes. His first book I read is The Moment it Clicks and the other book, his most recent release is The Hot Shoe Diaries. If you are looking to improve your portrait photography especially with the use of small strobes I encourage you to read these two books.Like I said before Scott posted three video of Joe McNally teaching on location about setting up shots and using available light or small strobes during a portrait session. Joe shows you how to recognize lighting, color  and reflective surfaces. This video is a little over 10 minutes long, but it worth every second.

Click to download the video – Control of Color – Part 1 If you don’t want to download the video here it the link to the Nikon School Control of Color part 1 page for the video.

More videos to come, enjoy and have a great day.

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