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A friend of mine stopped by last night. He’s not a photographer, so I was surprised when the conversation turned to wedding photography. He asked a few questions. One question he asked is: “Why don’t you do wedding photography? So I told him a few stories about why I am not a wedding photographer, nor did I ever consider becoming a wedding photographer. I will explain why.

In a previous life, to make extra money on weekends I drove limousines for a friends company. I actually did this for several years part-time on weekends. On of my jobs was to drive for weddings. Weddings usually happen on Saturdays so we were busy all the time. Clients have a tendency to drop their guard in a limo. I am not sure if it the booze or just the fact they think the limo driver is minding the road, or minding his own business, or the driver just can’t hear the occupants in the back. What clients don’t understand, while we are minding the road we have nothing to do but listen to the conversations in the rear of the limo. Also, we are self taught to listen, just in case there is a threat to other occupants or the driver.

While I spent those years in the limo service, and especially driving for weddings, I heard two main complaints and grips. The first complaint was always about the photographer. The second complait was on the flowers. I really don’t anything about flowers except they are perishable and and can be ruined at the time of the wedding by anything. But, photography I know a little better. Wedding photographers unfortunately can get caught in a quandary. When they are hired it’s usually by a bubble newly engaged future bride and groom. However, do to all the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, most future brides turn into “Bridezilla”. Now I know this doesn’t happen all the time.

During our wedding we loved our wedding photographer she was great. She was relatively new to the business and we ask for some unusual stuff. We first asked for a Photo Journalistic approach. We wanted her to tell a story of our wedding versus a standard pose and fake smile approach. Next, we wanted her to deliver her images without prints or any funky photoshopping. She did exactly what we asked. Most our guests thought she was a guest. She and her husband /assistant blended in. Sometime you didn’t even know they were their,but when we viewed the wedding photos, she was and didn’t miss a moment. I would recommend Lori Lyon of Lori Lyon Photography to anyone.

So why this trip down memory lane? I will tell you that my friend is and has been dating a wedding photographer. He said she was in the middle of a trade show exhibition. He showed me her website and I thought it was really well done. It’s a flash based site, written with php. I have been working on a new idea for my own personal photography website. So I have investigated all the ways to write a website HTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash and php for databases.

What intrigued me was how clean her site looked. I asked my friend if she built her site herself. He told me “she did and said it was easy” I was impressed, very impressed. I went through her site and photographs. Everything was sharp and clean. Just the way a website should be to keep the readers or client attention.

After further inspection I discovered her secret. I have seen other online companies websites that will build or sell you the web tools needed to build a clean. The construct a template for you based off your needs and design. Then they will build you a shopping cart page for you to sell you photos and services. Everything is very tight and packaged well. As you and your needs expand, they will expand with you.

If you are not into building your own photography website. If you want to spend more time behind the camera instead of working HTML, then there may be and answer for you. If you are a start-up commercial, wedding or just want a cool photo website, then I think you should check out Check them out and see if it is something for you. Here is the link to the Flash Website FAQ.

This my friends, friends website Chloe Atnip Photography. Check Chloe’s site out for a great example of how PhotoBiz works, and product they can deliver. Also if you live in the Orange County area and might be in the need of a Wedding Photographer I would recommended either Lori Lyon or Chloe Atnip for your wedding photography needs.

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