GoDaddy and Akismet

If you use WordPress for your blog then you know you have the option to use Akismet to help keep the spam down on your site. What most bloggers that use WordPress know that you can download and use Akismet for free.

What worries me is when companies explain that you can protect your WordPress site form spammers by using a anti-spam program that they will supply to you for $5 per month. Wow that seems like a good deal if you are a idiot.

I by my domain names through I also host my website trough However, when my contract is up with I am going to consider using a different Web Hosting Company.

I find it a little insulting that would send me an email soliciting my business for a product that I can get for free. I have a WordPress Blog, and you need to have a better then average intelligence to have and maintain a WordPress site. I have changed my template several times. I have added many plug-ins and  other add-ons. One of the plug-ins I use and downloaded for free is the Akismet anti-spam plug-in.

If GoDaddy really wanted to keep me as a customer instead of trying rip me off and get me to pay monthly for a service that is free, they should have pointed it out to me with a link and tell me that it is a free plug-in that can be found on the WordPress Plug-in page. Here is the email that was sent to me.

How wants to steal from you.

How wants to steal from you.

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