Don't Leave Home Without It

Do you remember the old tag line that American Express used in their commercials back in the 80’s and 90’s? American Express “Don’t leave home without it”. How many times have you gone somewhere and wished you had a camera with you? I am sure many times. However with the technology that is out there and the size of pocket cameras, we should never be caught without a camera. Most people even have a small camera built into their mobile phones. That can be used to take great images. Many iPhone users have take great photos with the little camera that mobile camera. Chase Jarvis has a whole collection of iPhone photos. He has even created his own iPhone app dedicated to iPhone photography. Here is a examples of some of the images he has taken with his iPhone. Click here to see the images. My mobile phone has a crappy camera, so I use my mobile phone camera at the very last resort.

As it happens the other night I got caught without my camera. At the very least I will take my Canon G10 with me when I go out and about. However the other night I went Christmas shopping with my wife and felt I wouldn’t need my camera, I was wrong. I should have known better.

While at the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto we hooked up with my wife’s brothers family. It was cold and the air crisp and clear. After shopping we decided to head into Menlo Park to have dinner. The place we decided to eat at was right next to the Cal Train Depot in Menlo Park. My youngest Nephew (2 1/2) is a typical boy and loves trains and trucks. While having dinner we overheard the waiter explain about the Santa Train that was due to reach the station at 7:30 PM. It was then I knew I had made a terrible mistake by leaving my camera at home.

As the trains pulled into the station the expressions of a very excited little boy were not captured. When Santa arrived I cursed myself for missing such a magical moment for a little boy who was experiencing Santa Claus in a new way. I was glad that I got the opportunity to share the moment with him and his little sister. I am sorry and sad I didn’t capture those moments on film. I swore to myself I would never leave my camera at home again.

Moral of the story, always have a camera with you. Whether is be as simple as a mobile phone camera or your DSLR “Do Leave Home Without It”. I know I won’t!

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