MacBook Pro takes a dump

The other night, my wife and I were watching her brothers kids while they went out for a Christmas Party. No big deal the kids went down easy a 7 PM and that meant we would have a nice easy night of baby sitting. My sister-in-law asked if I would export some of my pictures that I have taken at the last few family events. That is an easy task. Plug in one of my external HD (the one with the photos), load Adobe Lightroom II, open the 2009 catalog, find the appropriate folder i.e. Halloween and export to her thumb drive. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy…

When I got done exporting and was done with using my computer, I went through the shut down sequence and put my computer away.

The next morning I received a very important phone call from a colleague who had sent via email. I explained that I had not opened my email for the day. While I spoke to him I was attempting to start my MacBook Pro. I say attempted, because I was getting noting when I tried to boot up my laptop. Nothing would happen. I asked if he could send the information to another web based email so I could access it from another computer. All the times I didn’t need this my laptop to go Kaput was on that day.

I promptly ran to my old PC and made an appointment at the local Apple Genius Bar, because I knew all the appointments would fill very quickly. As it was the soonest I could see a “GENIUS” was going to be 2:45 PM. I knew this was going to be bad. Cost of fixing my computer is not the issue, it’s the time away from “My Precious” is the issue.

I was very punctual for my appointment. The “GENIUS” went through the preliminary checks. After 20 minuets she said “It’ Broke”. Actually she said she thinks that the Logic Board was not working. She checked my ProCare status, and proceeded to check my computer into the hospital. Five to seven days is the time it will take to get computer fixed. Without any other choice, I was forced to accept the separation and move on.

Tonight, Monday I received a phone call from the Apple Tech. at the local store. I was preparing myself for the worst with a call this early in the repair process. To my surprise he informed me that my computer had been repaired, and was ready to be picked up. So I had my wife pick my laptop from the Apple Store.

I have it in my hot little hands and we picked up where we left off four days ago. I am so glad that I purchased the Apple ProCare for this computer. I have had to take it in twice now for similar problems. Both repairs would have cost more the $700.00 if I would have had to pay it myself. I will be bummed when the day comes and the Apple ProCare expires and I will have to pay real money to fix my computer. As far as I see it, $250.00 spent on the Apple ProCare then, has saved me $1,150.00 now.

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