Vintage Photo Restoration

Good Morning and welcome back from a long holiday weekend. If you are in the USA then hopefully you celebrated Thanksgiving weekend with family, friends and or loved ones. You have slugged off your tryptophan coma, and decided to focus on something other football.

During the weekend in-between football games and eating leftovers, I did find some time to skate through the blogosphere. While in the sphere I ran across a great post about Restoration of old or aged photos. I know I have been looking for a simple easy way to restore some of our old family photos, that have either faded been slightly damaged or discolored. Sometime if you don’t have the negative to restore the original picture, then you have to scan the orginally photograph. When you scan the original, then you scan all the defects that go along with it.

So I ran across a blog by Michael Albany on how he restores old photos. He has a great video that he explains how he restored an early vintage baseball photograph. It was explained very well, and it is an easy adjustments to make in Adobe Photoshop. Here is the link to his blog post “Faded Old Photo? Easy?

I am currently working on some pre-World War I photos that my wife and her mom dug up from a folder of her grandfathers. He was in the US Navy and we think that he may have served on the USS New York, during his years at the United States Naval Academy. After I finish one of the Image Restorations I will post it again in a new post recap.

I hope this helps those of you like me, that have family projects to restore old images and movies before they all turn to dust. I would like to see any photos you restore using this Michael Albany’s process or any other process you might use to restore old photographs. You can post them and your technique to the comments section below.

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