Annual Lighting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse Cancelled

I checked the Pigeon Point SHP website and was not surprised at what I read. I am sorry to let everyone know that tonight’s 137th Annual Lighting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse has been Cancelled. Here is the website notice: California State Parks Piegon Point Light Station SHP. I am happy to say that the cancellation was not made by the U.S. Coast Guard for the deterioration of the light structure itself. last year I posted  saying that the U.S. Coast Guard was considering cancelling all further lightings until the proper repairs can be made. Read last years post here:

I decided to call to the Lighthouse and speak to on of the docents or a State Park Ranger. However, this cancellation was due to the California State Budget cuts.  According the the nice lady I spoke to at the Pigeon PointLight Station. She informed me that the State Parks Department had realeased an offical press release that never made it to press. She was very sorry that the lighting had been canclled as so was I.

According to the news release they hope that the budget problems will be cleared up, so the State Parks can resume the annual light of the Light.

More information can be found here:

Lighthouse News: Pigeon Point Lighthouse Event Cancelled

Lighthouse News: No One Tells The Coast Guard

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