Flight Test Nation

Ducks in a Row, originally uploaded by Kirk Howard.

Flight Test Nation – Is also know as the Edwards Air Force Base Air Show. Three years ago I my wife and I headed into the high desert to enjoy the Flight Test Nation 2006. It was a long day and the weather was warm. The Air Force handed out sunscreen and advised everyone to stay over hydrated.

Flight Test Nation 2009

This weekend was the Flight Test Nation 2009. This is the first year that they have had Flight Test Nation since 2006.

This year, Edwards celebrates the 50th anniversary of the X-15 and the heraldry of test legacy. You didn’t have to be on the ramp to hear the Edwards trademark opening sonic boom! At precisely 10 o’clock, Brigadier General “Chuck” Yeager and Major General Joe Engle sent a shock wave to the ground from 30,00 feet, high overhead! Where else does that happen?

One of the highlight of the Air Show was the new F-35 Air Show debut. The F-35 Lighting II is the newest fighter for the Air Force, Navy and Marines. The F-35 did a flyby display and static display.

Many more static and flight displays took place. One disappointment was that in 2006 the US. Air Force Demonstration Team Thunderbirds took to the sky at 3 PM. This year they didn’t have the Thunderbirds.

The image above was taken in 2006 after the Thunderbirds had finished they show and were returning back to the flight line. They were headed right at me when I snapped a few images. This image reminded me of Ducklings walking in a straight line… “Ducks In a Row”

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