Online Slide Shows

I have seen and used a few different slide show for your blog or website. Today after reading David Tejada blog I figured I would share a few slide show generators that I have used.

First, lets look at the slide show generator that David Tejada featured. Parade. Parade is easy to use. They offer great gallery designs.

Parade has four plans: Free, Basic, Standard, and Professional. These fees are monthly fees, however the more you pay, the better the features you get with each plan. Since Free is one of my favorite words I am all about the free plan.

The free plan only gives you 30 images to add to your slide show. However you may choose the other three plans, which are $9 for the Basic with 150 images, $15 for the Standard with 500 images, and $24 for the Professional with unlimited images. Click to see a DEMO

Check them out here; it may be something you have always been looking for…

Next ip is I have used a few times for slide shows. This may not be as professional as parade or some of the other web 2.0 slide shows that are out there, but this is very free and very easy to use. I started using back in 2007 just to put together a different way for family and friends to view images that I had taken and put them on my old blogger page.

Slide is very easy to use. They have plenty of options for their slide shows. Check them out here and give them a try.

I know that their are plenty of web 2.0 slide show apps out there. If you have a favorite let us here what you have to say about them and add them to the comments at the bottom of this post.

My Slide Show Example

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