The name sounds like a horror Sci-Fi movie. When “Gorillapod” attacks! Not far in the distant future comes the wild herd of attacking Gorillapods from Planet Clair. OK, enough of that.

In a previous post titled “JOBY…” I mentioned that I purchased a larger version of my small Groillapod, the wonder tripod. If you have not purchased one yet, stop reading and go purchase one now! Then come back and continue reading.

I bought the largest Gorillapod JOBY makes at the Macworld conference. I bought it to use with my Nikon DSLR. It is large enough to support a DSLR, 300mm fixed lens and a Tripod head unit (the Manfrotto 488RC2), but small enough to stick in the side pocket of my backpack. The tripod head has a quick mount plate for quick on and off operation. I also have two addition plates attached to my Nikkor 300mm and the 80~200mm zoom. It’s quick to set up and easy to use.

This will never replace my other two tripods. However, when I need a platform to support my DSLR, but versatile to go anywhere and attach to almost anything, then I will use the Gorillapod.


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