Fractalius for Mac

Jumping Spider Fractalius
Originally uploaded by Goshinsky
This is not my photo I borrowed it for another Flickr users. I use a Mac, so I can’t create my own.

A few months back I put up a little post called Fractalius It hasn’t received a lot of attention, but it has seen its share of web traffic.

In a nutshell it was about my frustration with Redfield who creates this fractalius plug-in. If you haven’t seen this plug in take a look on the internet. Go to Google or your favorite search engine and type in Fractalius images.

Redfield has stated in thier FAQ, that the plug-in is not supported on for a Mac, and nor do they ever plan on making a plug-in for Mac.

I have noticed an increased amount of traffic to my blog posting over the past few months. After going back through the searches that have led readers to the post and 90% have been from “Fractalius for Mac”.

If you ask me I think that Redfield is missing a crucial market. The Apple Mac user is basically a graphic user, and since this is a graphics image plug-in, I think it would be only natural to have this unusual plug-in available for the Mac OS platform.

I know, I am not the only Mac user that thinks this way. After linking to other sites from the links queried on my blog, I found an on-line petition. This petition is for all those Mac user being discriminated against by Redfield Plug-in. This petition is for all those Mac users that have said “Enough, I want my Fractalius Plug-in”.

Here is the link to the Fractalius for Mac OSX petition.

Do yourself a favor sign the petition above. Do me a favor a sign the petition. Do it for your mom, your dog, your fish or your spider . Sign the petition, sign it for any reason on earth just sign it, so we all can enjoy that little plug-in.

One thought on “Fractalius for Mac

  1. I have found an app called “Tangled FX” for Ipad/Iphone that does the fractalius type effect…I am very pleased with it. Maybe this will help some of your readers.

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