Artificial Bokeh

Continued from Let’s Bokeh…

This image was taken at San Diego Wild Animal Park in 2006 pre Nikon DSLR. All I was using was an inexpensive Kodak point-in-shoot. The camera took nice colorful images, but lacked manual adjustments. Unfortunately the camera didn’t allow the ability to create (DoF). The entire image appears to be on the same focal plane. I adjusted colors and contrast in Adobe Lightroom 1.41.Barbary sheepThis next image I adjusted in Adobe Lightroom 1.41 and Photoshop CS3. I created a Layers Mask and added Lens Blur. I didn’t think that the adjustment I made was blurry enough so I did it again.

Since I am using an adjustment mask in Layers I switched to the brush tool. Selected a soft edge brush. I made sure my primary color was black and painted over the entire sheep. The black allows the Mask to be removed in top layer to reveal the bottom clear layer, resulting in an “in-focus” sheep. This creates an artificial Bokeh and or Depth of Field.Barbary sheep

Now I fudged a little. If I really wanted to create a true DoF look, I would have made everything within the focal plane of the sheep in focus. Instead I just made the sheep in focus, I felt this made the animal stand out a little more.

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