Photographer of Light

One of Magellan’s favorite artists is Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light. She loves him so much just his spoken name wants to make her puke. Actually even though Magellan thinks the guy is paint by numbers artist, she admires his business skills and the ability to make a fortune out of a pile of crap.

Last weekend for our anniversary we drove south on Hwy 1 on our way to Cambria. During our trip we stopped (Forced at Lens Point) at famous landmarks i.e. Bixby Bridge, Point Sur Light Station and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns

Last year I set out to work on a photography project. This project was to help me keep my focus on an idea while improving my photography skills. My project I selected for myself was to photograph all the California Lighthouses and Light Stations.

During the Point Sur stop we took a Three Hour Tour of the Light Station. The Point Sur State Park offers two tours, one at 10:00AM and another at 2:00PM. Once you begin the tour you can’t leave, nor can you not go and stay in your car. This tour is either all or none. I recommend the tour it is well done and the restoration is almost complete.

The Point Sur stop gave me the opportunity to get closer to completing my project. While on the tour I made the remark I was the Photographer of Light. It was a spoof of Thomas Kinkade and his paintings of Lighthouses.

Point Pinos Lighthouse-1

Here are some images I have taken since I started. One of my favorites is not of the Lantern (light) itself, but of the glass prisms from the Prism Deck at Point Sur Light Station. To see more images got to my Flickr Set California Lighthouses.

Have a good weekend…

Pigeon Point Light Station Pigeon Point Light Station
Point Arena LighthousePoint Arena Lighthouse

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