Trash the Dress

I barrowed this from the Strobist blog. This great a photo shoot on the beach. Some very clever ideas and great inspiration for location portrait shots.

I really like the kite camera setup for the Canon G9. I would like to know how they did that?

Have a great weekend, mine started today. I off to hunt the allusive Great White Snail, also know as Abalone. I will post some shots from our trip.
Chasing Sunset – Part II from Pieter Van Impe on Vimeo.

Thanks to Didier Jouret, who sent me a link to this video from a Pieter Van Impe “Trash the Dress” -type shoot.

This one is not so much about lighting, but it does include all of the typical stuff: Beach, sunset, trippy beats, happy couple, some champagne, a little nipple pinching, a kite-mounted Canon G9 for overheads, … wait, WHAT?

Dude, I so want that G9 kite mount. He uses the G9 on a monster light stand, too.

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