Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been sixteen days since my last blog entry. I have ha really good excuse. This time frame corresponds to the time that I buckled down and seriously studying for my NASD/FINRA General Securities Principal Exam (S-24). For all Firm Managers and Firm Principals’ it is a SEC mandated test. I am neither a manager nor a principal, but the “Firm” wanted me to take the exam. I took it, I passed it, now what? I guess, I sit and wait for something to happen. Only time will tell.Last Saturday after my Exam I took the SF MUNI to Powell St. From there I took the Bus 27B and headed into the Mission Dist. of San Francisco. I was dropped off at Bryant and 18th. The corner where Calumet Photography store is located. I walked in looking for inexpensive studio/portrait lighting. (Blog for another day) While I was there they had one of the new Nikon D700 out for buys to play with. It was the first D700 they had taken possession of, and everyone drooling over it, including the staff.

Back in October I blogged about Nikons Double D’s. Here is the rundown. The D3 is the top of the spear for Nikon. A full frame (FX) sensor for professionals. The D300 is Nikon’s next greatest camera second only to Nikon’s D3. The D300 is not a full frame sensor, but is the DX sensor with a conversion factor of 1.5x to achieve the 35mm equivalent.

Thump… did your hear that? It was the other shoe dropping. Nikon at the end of July, to the unexpected surprise of the photographic community released the D700. It has everything the D3 has but in the D300 body. That’s right! It’s a full frame (FX) sensor in the smaller lighter weight body of the D300. The D700 even offers features that the D3 doesn’t have like the self cleaning sensor. If you have ever had a dirty dusty filter… What a pain in the patoot.

The biggest difference between the D3 and the D700 is the price tag. The D3 is an astronomical $4,999.99; the D700 is a Mountainous $2,999.99 not bad for a full frame camera. Then their is the D300. I think you can pick up a D300 for a mere $1,649.99 (body only).
Here is a list to Click… for reviews of the D700:
Click… here
1. The Nikonians
2. dpreview

Next… Click… for the (FX) full frame vs. (DX) crop sensors.

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