Barque Eagle…

Once again my office window presents a unbelievable view. The USCGC Eagle is parked outside my office window at the moment here is a snapshot of the 295 ft. Barque class sailing vessel, ordered and commisioned by Adolf Hitler, built for Nazi Germany and used by the Third Reich as a training vessel.


The Festival of Sail starts today at 12 noon with a Parade of Tall Ships along the Bay – ending at the Bay Bridge at around 1 pm. It will be a great experience for you all to see. Take a look from your shop or office windows, stand along the bay side promenade to experience a majestic display of 32 Tall Ships!

Route & Parade Duration
These majestic marvels of medieval engineering, from ports of call all over the world, will make their way past thousands of spectators lining Crissy Field, Marina Green, Fort Mason, Aquatic Park, and locations all along the Embarcadero. The first vessel will pass under the Golden Gate Bridge at Noon. The Parade will last approximately 1 1/2 hours from start (at the Golden Gate Bridge) until the finish (Bay Bridge). Once the vessels pass under the Bay Bridge they will sail to their respective berths. Vessels will be open for tours beginning Thursday July 24th at 10:00 am.

For more information on touring vessels docked at Pier 3 just north of the Ferry Building – or activities at Justin Herman Plaza please visit:

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