North Pole

If you stand at the North Pole, what way does your compass point?…

A few weeks ago while driving to or from Yosemite I had mentioned to Magellan some of the things I would like to do before I die. One of the things I would like to do before I die is go to the North Pole.

This was after I read an article either on-line or in a National Geographic Traveler magazine about paid excursions to the North Pole. It’s typically a 12~14 day trip starting in Moscow Russia. You board one of Russia’s nuclear powered ice breakers and head to Santa’s home. This trip is during the summer months when the Artic polar ice is weakest.

Unfortunately I read today it may be too late. According to a report in that this year could be the first time in Human History that the North Pole could be ice free. I may never get a chance to stand on polar ice at the North Pole. Since no land mass actually exists, we will have to float a boat on the North Pole. This is not what I actually had in mind.

I need to start working on my bucket list, before my list disappears.

Cruises to the North Pole

Watch the video explaining what is happening to the North Pole today: Video: Melting Sea Ice Seen From Orbit

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