FREE… My favorite four letter word.

A few days, weeks or at least some time ago, I wrote about Adobe’s Photoshop Express. The FREE online but slim photo editing program. I say slim, because it is light on features.

Today I have a new FREE photo editing program for everyone to ponder. It is called INFANVIEW. The Irfanview team doesn’t call it an editing program the call it a “Graphic Viewer”. However it does give the user organization, preview thumbnail options.

It also supports a plethora of different formats to many to list, so here is the link to peek at for yourself. From what I understand that the latest version will support .RAW files. For me that is huge, to be able to open and edit RAW files without having to use Lightroom or Bridge or another expensive program.

IRFANVIEW also supports a ginormous amount of Plug-ins. This link will take you to the plug-ins page that can be downloaded.

This program is only allowed used on PC’s with Windows (whatever) OS. Unfortunately the MAC family is S.O.L. It’s really never a balanced playing field. Don’t even get me started on the software conspiracy of SourApple and Microhoo. Their is a great plug-in filter for sale by Redfield that does Fractalius. I will leave that for another day.

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