Picture Pirates part Deux

The saga continues with the blatant robbery of copyrighted photographs on the internet. I dug a little deeper and discovered that an on-line canvas and print company Only-Dreemin in the U.K. had been selling some of her work from their website and also on eBaY. As Rebekka explains “a friend was searching Ebay a came a across an on-line store offering to sell some of my photographs.” She continues to explain the pains and aches of the legal process of trying to protect her copyrighted artwork.

She obtained legal counsel. Cease and desist along with recompense letters were drawn up and sent to the offending company. The company Only-Dreenim did respond by removing the photographs from their website. However no monies had be paid to Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir for the photographs that had already been sold.

Only-Dreemin had explained that they paid a lot of money to the company that sold them the rights to the photographs. They continue to explain that they have tried to contact the company or individual, and discovered that they are no longer in business.

Since flickr’s site has allowed the offenders to download copyrighted work, I think flickr should also be held accountable for recompensing the photographer for the loss of property and legal fee’s that she has incurred.

mIsSiNg LiNk:
Thomas Hawk

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