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Looking for a way to edit you photos, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on Photoshop? Well adobe has an online solution. In March Adobe released Photoshop Express. In its current state Photoshop Express is in Beta.

If you are looking for a full featured photo editing program like Photoshop CS you are going to be a little disappointed. Come on, did you really think Adobe was going to give the milk away for free, nope you are going to have to buy the cow. However Photoshop Express is a slick program all web based and has some cool features i.e. Slideshows.

Photoshop Express enables you to:
Download and Discuss

  • Try the Photoshop Express beta now
  • Discuss Photoshop Express in the forums
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Online learning center
  • Upload and store up to 2GB of photos. Fix photos with options including Crop & Rotate, Auto Correct, Exposure, Sharpen, Touchup, and Red-Eye Removal.
  • Make your photos stand out with effects and enhancements including Pop Color, Hue, Black & White, Tint, Sketch, Distort, and Soft Focus.
  • Show off your photos in My Gallery, where you can create customized displays and let visitors play and interact with them.
  • Upload your photos on Photoshop Express to your blog or Facebook page.

You can now link Photoshop Express with your flickr, picassa, facebook and photobucket accounts. Check it out and download it for free. Adobe Photoshop Express.

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