Steady as she goes

Last week the sales force in my office had a full day of meetings. When the meetings had concluded they loaded onto a bus and headed down the road to blow off some steam.

The group ended up at Malibu Grand Prix. Fortunately I was invited to attend, and as I was forewarned, I took along my camera to do a little fun shooting. I also took the opportunity to play around with Panning.

Panning is a termed used in photography and video. Panning is described as the horizontal movement or rotation of a film or video camera, or the scanning of a subject horizontally on video or a display device.

In photography, the panning technique is used to suggest fast motion, and bring out foreground from background. In photographic pictures it is usually noted by a foreground subject in action appearing still (i.e. a runner frozen in mid-stride) while the background is streaked and/or skewed in the apparently opposite direction of the subject’s travel.

Here is one of my attempts to shoot a pan-action image of one of the cars passing at high speed (35 mph). OK not really high speed, but fast enough.

If you would like to learn more about Panning, dPS (digital Photography School) has a great article online. MiSInG LiNk::

Plus Wikipedia has a nice article on the subject as well. mIsSiNg LiNk::

2 thoughts on “Steady as she goes

  1. Nice. What’s that red line underneath the car? I like the action shot though. Looks like fun. I remember going to Mal GP for a youth group trip. I left the hood on my sweatshirt up to cover the geri-curl goo on the inside of the helmet. Oakland. Nice town. How’s the job situation? Stable? I’m reading lots about the commodities mkt & how speculators are messing everything up. How’s the institutional game going?cheers,Taylor

  2. Hey Taylor, That’s not a red line it’s a traffic cone… The Pan Movement was from right to left. Did you get your camera?Cheers

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