What is that “FOWL” smell? I now know what that means, and where that phrase came from Domesticated Fowl…

Over the past month my wife has been conducting a 3rd grade classroom experiment. Part of their science class they had to hatch something. They had a choice of Butterflies or Chickens. They chose the latter.

She and her classs for the last 21 days have been brooding over their 30 something chicken eggs and one duck egg.

On March 12, 2008 she and her 3rd grade class became proud parents of two baby chicks. Just in time for Easter. First came Root beer, and then came Boots. Root beer is a brown color and Boots has feathers on his feet, fuzzy like Ugg Boots. They should have named Root beer, Sarsaparilla instead.

By the time I showed up at the school that day, another chick had hatched. Another little brown chick. This little chick was still in the drying phase of the ordeal, and couldn’t be picked up. This one we named Grace. Grace isn’t very sturdy on its feet.

We set up a video camera and my wife was able to get some video of the hatchings. Before my wife left from school that evening, three more chicks had hatched. I guess when they say 21 days they really mean 21 days.

When she arrived at school the next day, she greated by the peeps of 11 more hatchlings in the incubatior. The duck will need to cook for a few more days before it hatches. They are cute but noisy, peep, peep, peep. Even at only a few hours old they stink. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of Root beer and Boots.

One thought on “Chicks

  1. P.U. I had a client that hatched turkeys for a living. Talk about a stinky operation! Whew!They are cute & fluffy though. -Taylor

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