Mirror, Mirror

Here is a picture taken in Yosemite Valley National Park last weekend. We happened to be walking on the southwest bank of the Merced River. The river was calm the surface was glassy smooth. I set up my tripod and snapped a few incredible images. Can you figure out if this picture is right side up or up side down? Hint look at the lighter spot in the upper middle left of the image.

Later in the day we hiked to Mirror Lake at the base Half Dome’s front side. They name Mirror Lake was chosen because of the reflected image that can be seen of Half Dome in the very calm lake.

Unfortunately the pictures we took didn’t turn out as expected. The water level in the lake was low and the surface was partially covered in ice. The best time to photograph half dome is when the lake is at its fullest, in late spring.
To get a good mirror image you have to break one of the golden rules in photography. In order to get it to look like a mirror image you line the shot up right in the middle. The will give you an equal amount of mirror image.

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