Save Trestles

The battle has been won, but the war still rages on…

My sister sent me an email today that was written by one of her clients and friend Bob Mignogna. Bob has been top dog at Surfing Magazine for the past 30 years. In his email he explains the battle that has been recently won. It has been the fight for the precious land located in south Orange County and Northern San Diego County, California.

This land fight consists of a State Park (San Mateo), Camp Pendleton (Marina Corps Base) and San Mateo Creek. The TCA wants to build an extension of the Toll Road 241 south to hook up with the I-5 freeway just south of San Clemente, CA affecting the many world famous surf spots i.e. Trestles (Uppers and Lower) and San Onofre Surf Beach.

For more information you can look it up on Google. But I thought I would pass on this email and slide show some present to future images.
Subject: Save Trestles

We won!!!!!

The meeting went from 9am to 11:30pm and if you were there, you know that this was a charged up environment. Over 3,000 people packed the Wyland Auditorium on the Del Mar Fairgrounds, about 75% of them supporters of Save Trestles. The construction unions employed workers to picket, so the situation became a little intense. The surf industry was there in full force with buses and RVs lining the front row of the parking lot. Thanks to all of you who made a great effort.

At 11:25pm the commissioners voted 8-2 to deny the permit applied for by the TCA stating the proposed 241 toll road is inconsistent with the California Coastal Act.
TCA will most likely appeal but their road is now an uphill battle.

Our friends at Sierra Club, Friends of the Foothill, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and, of course, SURFRIDER FOUNDATION, were spectacular in their work both in presentations at the meeting yesterday, but far more importantly, in their behind the scenes effort. You cannot imagine how much work has been done with Coastal Commission Staff, transportation specialists, politicians, the media and many more to build the case that building a giant road through a state park and damaging the environment and the watershed IS A BAD IDEA.

I doubt the war is over but, clearly, THE BIGGEST BATTLE, thus far, HAS BEEN WON!


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